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Pleading guilty while innocent

This article from the New York Review of Books is as depressing as it is informative!

Laura Poitras’ alternative career: chef

I learned that in this review of CITIZENFOUR.

Biblical movies

I have long argued, from a position of confident ignorance, that Bible-based movies tend to be on the wrong narratives – Jesus movies, Exodus movies, etc. I think narratives like that in the Acts of the Apostles, or the conquest/judges/monarchy narratives Joshua/Judges/Kings/Chronicles, would make for much better cinematic material. Perhaps my dream will come true!

(Of course that doesn’t mean I will be able to resist watching the undoubtedly historically accurate new Exodus movie starring well-know Egyptian-Jewish actor Christian Bale.)

Lessig interviews Snowden

Here. Lessig interviews him in front of his class. I should contact Snowden too, and ask if I can interview him during my philosophy of religion class. “Could you talk about the relationship between your NSA whistleblowing and mystical experience?”

Compare and contrast

Here Greenwald engages in a compare and contrast exercise in the context of reporting on the deaths of American children in Israel and Palestine.

Poitras profile

Here is a long profile of Laura Poitras, the journalist and documentarian whose film on the Snowden saga, CITIZENFOUR, was recently released to select theaters.

Dan Cohen on his experience in Gaza

Palestine-based Journalist Dan Cohen writes this report on Gaza for the progressive Jewish site Mondoweiss. The piece includes an importance observation, understood by many Palestinians but, it sometimes seems, not understood by many Americans:

As I spoke to al Qasas, a 43-year-old man named Ayman Rajab recognized me as an American. He interrupted with a message directed at the country he and so many I met across the Gaza Strip consider the ultimate culprit in their destruction. “We want to live in dignity with humanity,” he pleaded. “No troops, no guns, no tanks! The American people have responsibility in this. This is a message for American people: Stop this madness immediately!”

Snowden emails

Sometimes the real world is an exciting place.

Cognitive dissonance

I spend a lot of time making fun of TED talks. I spend a lot of time praising Glenn Greenwald. So you can imagine my discomfort as I enjoyed watching this:

Open secrets

This article on the official secret of Israel’s nuclear arsenal is entertaining. I liked this line:

Now, one has to read between the lines to determine that Doyle was fired for stating that Israel possessed nuclear weapons. Doyle is fighting back, but can’t acknowledge the article, which is now classified. And by “now classified” I mean in a purely administrative sense. You can download it from Survival if you feel like pushing all the buttons in the elevator isn’t edgy enough.


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